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Chart Your Own Course
You Know You Want It:  Astrology's Gonzo Groundbreaker.



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  • Know when to spot love, lust, or a beautiful friendship.
  • Master million-dollar timing tricks to win at nearly everything.
  • Learn to read a chart---in less than five minutes.
  • Discover secret starry shortcuts that would've taken you 5000 years to learn.
  • Surf the easy look-it-up tables for all the planets, plus Chiron and wild ones
  • When to buy, when to sell, and when to get away from it all


All this and much more from expert stargazer Debbi Kempton-Smith, astrologer to psychiatrists and politicians, rock 'n' rollers and stockbrokers. An almanac of planetary plans and star-studded angles and influences - from Venus' sleazy sex and eternal love to mad man Mars and his fiery fits of frenzy.

 Debbi Kempton-Smith combines pop power with intellectual rigor, humanitarian passion and a great sense of fun. 

Secrets From a Stargazerís Notebook is a very different kind of astrology book: a fun, easy to understand guide to the stars -- how they affect you, and how you can discover their meaning in virtually no time at all.


"an all-time irreverent cult classic in . . . astrological literature.Ē

Secrets From a Stargazerís Notebook first electrified astrology circles with its wit, insight and depth as a Bantam paperback . Secrets . . . is a must-have title on every basic astrology book list. And the trade paperback edition has more: 
    NEW TABLES, 1930-2030 including Chiron

               NEW CHAPTERS

                       NEW PLANETS
...yeah, really!  


Click here for sample chapter


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